WTF is the Sweat Life?!

The Sweat Life is a community, a happy hour, a locker room, designed to hang out with people like you, who love to get sweaty, but also love to live life to the fullest. We are a lifestyle brand focused on helping you live your best life — because there is no best of anything, unless it is BEST FOR YOU. It’s time to move away from the pressure of keeping up with the “best” new thing, the best workout, best diet, best body, or best car. We empower you to explore what’s BEST FOR YOU through the lens of health, wellness, and fitness, without ever losing focus on the importance of having fun or kickin’ up your heels.

Working out is so experiential, it’s not enough just to read about it. The Sweat Life is a front row seat. Each week brings a new video — a workout or health trend we sweat. We try each workout ourselves on your behalf, and give non-biased information on studios, classes, gyms, healing practices, and nutrition trends, in New York City and beyond. We help you see it before you try (and pay!). We give you the chance to meet the faces at these spots, and be informed before heading in for your first experience.

(Because really, if you already know the ropes, there’s really no reason not to show up at Beyonce Booty Boot Camp and let that inner Queen B fly.)

The Sweat Life is also home to written content from whip-smart contributors, from top trainers and nutritionists to stay-at-home moms — all sharing their expertise and experience in their own spaces, in their own voices. We promise to always be honest, as unbiased as possible, and 100 percent real. We hope to always be funny, informative, and leave you feeling empowered to go out and take on YOUR OWN BEST LIFE. In the end, if we can make you feel just a little more motivated to live a healthy and balanced life - we’ve done our jobs!