While we were already planning to shut down the site this weekend for maintenance, we now have decided to turn this construction page into a small memorial for our founder’s mother who passed away this weekend.  Please join us in remembering the wonderful Vivian Teich by keeping Aly’s family in your thoughts.  We will be back early next week with some exciting new features so stay tuned.




SEPTEMBER 18, 1941 - FEBRUARY 14, 2015

Within a delicate ballet of chaos and compassion, you would find Vivian Teich. A whirl of dancing stars existed in her eyes that gave clues to the beauty, energy, and spirit that floated through her heart. Vivi was, without a doubt, one of a kind. 

The laughter from The Sweat Life holiday party echoed across Central Park and through the concrete canyons of the city. The source was, of course, Vivi. She spent that evening surrounded by fans, entertaining us with mad-capped stories from her life, anecdotes about her family, and oblique advice on how to go through life. We were, as is customary when near Vivi, highly entertained.

When doctors gave her a life expectancy number after her cancer diagnosis, she blew past it. When they gave her another number, she blew past that. And the next one. And the next one. Vivi lived life on her own terms, and as someone who defied definition throughout her life, she wasn’t going to let something like cancer determine her existence. With a raised middle finger and a heavy dose of humor, she fought the disease, and inspired so many people along the way. Her fight laid the groundwork for this site, and her attitude and perseverance formed the key tenets of what The Sweat Life is.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Vivi on the morning of Saturday, February 14.

We offer our most sincere condolences to Vivi’s husband, her children, her grandchildren, and her friends. Today, we choose not to mourn the passing of Vivian Teich. No, we celebrate the distinct privilege of getting to share a bit of our time on Earth with a woman whose joyfulness allowed her to frolic among the stars. 

-The Sweat Life Team