How to Use Your Phone to Maximize Holiday Time IRL

By Hannah Bronfman, Founder of


Today our cell phones are extensions of our arm — they are usually the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we see before we drift off. Around the holidays, it is incredible how we can now connect with loved ones who may not be at arm’s length, but the best part of our constant connection to the world wide web is how it can allow us to make plans IRL (in real life!) with the touch of a button. Here are my favorite ways to use my cell to tap in to fun activities that will lead to fun offline experiences. 

Group Text. Group text gets a bad rep for being overwhelming but it is the ultimate tool to find a time and place that works for everyone. Sending cute pics to your group chat from your hangout after the fact is an added bonus.

Pinterest. This visual search engine is an incredible tool to check out what your family and friends are into these days. Picking out a gift they’ve had their eye on is an amazing way to surprise your loved ones. If you have the time, Pinterest is also the best guide for making your own presents at home and skipping those long holiday lines, like sugar body scrubs for example. 

Wine N Dine. We all have our favorite restaurants and coffee shops, but it’s always fun to explore around the holiday season! My favorite way to discover new spots is with the Wine n Dine app. Not only are you able to search your favorite cuisines, but also you can document your dishes once you try! Tag your friends in the dishes you’re looking to try, or send a screenshot in that group text you’ve already got going.

MindBody App. As you know from HBFIT, my absolute favorite way to spend time with friends is with a sweat session, so the MindBody App is my go-to. Nowadays, there are so many options for types of classes, you’re bound to find something that everyone is into. For my friends, it’s definitely dance class — so we rely on this app to find us the latest and greatest studio. We feel a little less guilty about having that extra drink knowing that we will sweat it out together the next day. 

FaceTime. When you can’t spend quality time in person with your family or friends, FaceTime is the way to go. It’s the next best thing to seeing your loved ones in person and can really make you feel like you’re in on the fun. Set up FaceTime on an iPad for a special moment like opening gifts or a holiday toast, for those who are just a little too far away. 

Disconnecting from your phone is always the best way to go around the holidays, but these digital tools can really be the icing on the cake when trying to plan some special moments. Apps can facilitate wonderful memories and fun photos — or just generate some great conversation to be had over dinner.

It’s also important this holiday season (and in general) to take some time for yourself. That might mean getting lost in inspirational boards on Pinterest, a solo workout, or a nice hot bath — but keeping your sanity during a family-fueled time is the key to making the most out of the moments you share with others. 



Hannah Bronfman is the quintessential city girl. As a graduate of Bard College, where she studied fine art, she has built a reputation as an influencer through her work as an Entrepreneur and DJ along with her passion for health and wellness.

Hannah is currently one of the faces of CLINIQUE’s #FaceFoward Global Campaign, an adidas brand ambassador, and a new face of POPSUGAR programming with her digital show, HANNAHGRAM, which is currently in production, and will uncover the latest and hottest trends in style and lifestyle for millennial women.

As a firm believer of the mantra, "your body is a temple," Hannah routinely shares her homemade recipes and workout regimens via her Instagram account. She has turned this passion for wellness and food into a career by investing in NY fixtures such as Acme Restaurant, and founding the brand HBFIT, a unique destination for all things Health, Beauty + Fitness.

Bronfman has served as a DJ for fashion/art events and corporate clients worldwide, including Banana Republic, Bvgalri, Chopard, and more. She has been featured in various campaigns, print and online features, and has been asked to serve as a guest blogger for outlets such as Yahoo!, Teen Vogue, ASOS, Elle Australia, and Equinox.  


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