The Family that Works out Together, Stays Together


By Veronique Mazard

My husband, Andrew, and I have been working out at the Fhitting Room ever since it opened its doors, and it quickly became an integral part of our fitness routine. The founder, Kari Saitowitz, and I met the first day of our respective oldest child’s nursery school, first year, and soon discovered we both loved fitness — and I knew that whatever she was going to come up with would be amazing. And it has been! 

I take classes at the Fhitting Room on an average of 4 to 5 times a week (Andrew goes 3 to 4 times a week) and I always look forward to the high intensity interval (HIT) workouts. I never get bored there, between the varied exercises, the amazing instructors, and fun ambiance, it’s my favorite fitness place.

Andrew and I were introduced by a friend we have in common — she thought we would get along and we did! Our first real conversation was about scuba diving, and that's what we did a mere 6 weeks after our first date.  Both Andrew and I were into fitness before we met: he ran, went to the gym, and cycled. I went to the gym, had a trainer, and did outdoor bootcamp. We’ve definitely amped it up since being together. Before the Fhitting Room came along, I would see my trainer twice a week and spin, and Andrew would pretty much do the same. The Fhitting Room has definitely brought diversity to our workouts and has become our to-go fitness place.  

Andrew and I have 2 children — a son, age 5, and a daughter, age 7 — and we both have jobs, and hectic lives in general. We try to make everything fit, and exercise is important to both of us. Andrew takes the early morning classes at the Fhitting Room so that he can spend time with the kids after work, and I take the later morning classes after the kids are squared-away at school. On the weekends we take turns, one of us will go on Saturdays while the other takes the kids to their sport classes, and then we switch off on Sundays. On the occasion when the grandparents take the kids for a few hours, we get the chance to take the same class together, and have some healthy husband/wife competition!

We love the fact that our 7-year-old daughter has shown interest in mastering burpees, and that both of our kids think that sitting on daddy's back asking him to do push-ups is super fun. Our kids don’t shy away from sport classes and being active, and we hope that seeing us go to the gym and keeping in shape has set a good example for them. 

Every year we go skiing as a family; it is personally my favorite week of the year. We have noticed that we can ski longer and harder since going to the Fhitting Room — and still have the energy to play with our kids post-ski. The kids have loved learning how to ski, which makes me so happy, since it will be a sport that we will be able to enjoy as a family for many years to come.      

Being active takes a big role in our family; it is something that my husband and I can share, that the kids can model in their own healthy lifestyles as they grow up, and most of all, the Fhitting Room feels like a second home for us, somewhere that our family is welcome and it keeps us happy. 



Veronique Mazard is the VP in charge of Marketing and Sales for Jean Mahie, her family's jewelry business, which sells exclusively at Neiman Marcus. She is originally from France, and now lives on the Upper East Side with her family. In addition to spending time at the Fhitting Room, she loves spending time with her family outdoors. Her kids are the perfect age for the slopes and the beach. She looks forward to seeing them conquer a black diamond run on their next family ski trip. 

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