Empowered by: Resilience

By Ben Wegman, The Fhitting Room


Resilience: the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity; the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.  


Resilience is a quality that I have struggled with my entire life. In my family, depression is a running theme, and as I have learned, depression and resilience do not cohabitate well together. Generally when one enters the room, the other tends to leave.  

And so for years, when bad things happened, I let depression stand tall in my life. When relationships ended, when I didn't get the job, when friendships or family disappointed me, I turned to depression. I crumbled and let life slip by.  

And then one day in dance rehearsal, a choreographer said this: "No matter what happens, you can always turn back to the body. It is the most resilient force you will ever know."  

I realized that through everything, through the traumas that we ALL experience in life, my body had been there. It had held me up on stages all over the world. It had been injured and recovered and been injured again, only to recover stronger and smarter. My body had seen abuse and trauma, both self-inflicted and from others, and yet still it was there every day carrying me through.  

Once I began to honor the beauty of my own physical resilience, I saw it everywhere. In nature, in the extreme strength and toughness of my friends and colleagues, in the citizens of New York after 9/11. Resilience keeps us going. It allows us to accept that life is full of trauma, but also — unimaginable beauty. Resilience empowers me, it honors me. And in turn, I honor resilience.




After seven years performing and touring as a professional dancer with reputable companies such as the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and the Washington National Opera, Benjamin Wegman began to feel the wear and tear on his body and decided to trade in touring for teaching as an Adjunct Professor of Dance in the Kinesiology Department at Indiana University. Benjamin dove into kinesiology and biomechanics textbooks and began to research multiple fitness and holistic modalities, when an opportunity to perform a lead role in Sleep No More led Benjamin back to New York City. The role was tough on his body and cemented Benjamin’s desire to move into the fitness industry. Already an avid yogi and student of Pilates, Benjamin found High Intensity Training to push and train his body in ways few workouts could. HIT allows him to continually reach new physical goals while working faster, stronger, and smarter than he thought possible. Benjamin, raised in Normal, IL, studied at Butler University, the Julliard School and received his B.A. from Point Park University. He is currently a trainer at The Fhitting Room.


Find Ben at Instagram @benwebejammin, and at The Fhitting Room.