By Lauren Imparato, Founder of I.AM.YOU. Yoga


The idea of RETOX is about living life to the fullest, and becoming the best you within that life. There is no dogma, no restriction, no guilt. Just straight up tools to take it all on and be your best you, no matter what the day throws you.

I wrote RETOX because I live life. That is to say, my real down and dirty modern life prompted the brand and the book. I moved to NYC when I was 21 to go to work on the trading floor of Morgan Stanley, where I would sit from 5:30/6am every day until at least 6pm (and in my first years often past 9pm!), and tried desperately to feel great in the context. I ate my salads, drank endless water, worked out and/or did yoga every day (be it at 4:30am or 10pm), and had a great, consistent relationship with my family and friends. Yet, I soon realized that real, down and dirty modern life was more complicated, and not simple to solve. I longed for a handbook to help me keep it together while juggling my career, social life, health, and family. That’s RETOX. 

So in 2003, I started to practice yoga 7 days a week, with equally intense reading of yoga philosophy and anatomy alongside my time on the mat. I then began intense studies in nutrition, and explorations into meditation and Tibetan Buddhist yoga theory. I had a hunch that this combination was the key to unlocking success and happiness no matter what life threw me. It eventually evolved into my own business, I.AM.YOU., a 360 degree lens for wellness based on yoga, nourishment, mindset, and music. With I.AM.YOU. and at the NYC studio, I began to experiment RETOX methodologies on my clients, which forced me to deepen my studies, personal practice across the genres, and go deep for answers so that I could serve my students and their various ailments.  

The past 6 years of I.AM.YOU., and with it thousands of students across various countries, have served as my research and litmus tests for RETOX methodologies, which I have finally turned into the handbook of realistic, doable, effective solutions I always craved, and hopefully you will crave, too.

In RETOX, I look at the 20 biggest challenges of modern life – everything from Alien Baby Bloat to back pain, sleeping issues to hangovers – and I provide one realistic 360 degree solution for each, based on easy 1-minute yoga poses and others you can do at the desk; foods you can order in, buy everywhere, eat out, or make in 10 minutes or less; and simple mindfulness tips and action plans that stem from Buddhist yoga philosophy. And of course, a dose of music to inspire us along the way. 

I have free 1-minute meditations when people sign up on retoxbook.com, and 21 full-length RETOX yoga videos to go along with each chapter of the book as well.


See for yourself what RETOX is all about — find RETOX at www.RETOXBOOK.com and Amazon.




Named one of the 100 Women in Wellness, Lauren Imparato resigned her job as a VP on the Wall Street Trading floors in 2009 to launch I.AM.YOU, a wellness lifestyle company based on Yoga, Nourishment, and Music. In NYC and across the globe she is renowned for her athletic yoga classes, and straight up, real approach to wellness, nourishment, yoga, and life. Lauren’s yoga classes are known for their attention to anatomy, sweat, and tradition within the chaotic modern lives we lead, and are always paired with I.AM.YOU famed MusicMixes, with music ranging from rock to salsa, jazz, hip hop and more.

She has been featured in Vogue, the Wall Street Journal, NY Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, SELF, The Financial Times, Bloomberg News, CNN and countless others — and writes for MindBodyGreen, PositiveMed, and her own blog. Lauren has led I.AM.YOU classes for up to 3,000 people in Spain, Cannes Film Festival, Ibiza Opening Weekend, and most recently, all of Times Square. She graduated from Princeton University, with her first book, RETOX, due out with Penguin February 2, 2016.


Find Lauren and I.AM.YOU at Twitter @IAMYOUStudio, Instagram @IAMYOUStudio, and www.iamyoustudio.com