The Best Pop Culture Partners in Crime – Of All Time

By Kristen Lange and Donielle Muransky, Buddies Garrity “Friday Night Lights” podcast



Here at The Sweat Life, we believe laughter is one of the most useful forms of exercise. Your endorphins are up, your smile is uplifting your mood, and you may even get in a sweet ab workout if you allow yourself true belly laughs on a regular basis. (Which you should!) Introducing our friends Kristen Lange and Donielle Muransky, who decided to take their binge watching of mid 2000s tv show Friday Night Lights to a whole other level – starting their own podcast discussing and celebrating the show – with plenty of guest celebrities to keep the party going, of course. Read on for more…


What started as a spontaneous “Do you want to do a podcast?” text came to life as the real thing only a few months later. We had no idea what we were getting into when we decided to team up and launch “Buddies Garrity,” a Friday Night Lights re-watch podcast. (Spoiler: it involved a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and a surprising amount of YouTube tutorials.)

Doni and I met and became good friends while working behind the scenes on The Michael J. Fox Show. As Doni puts it, “I used to introduce Kristen as my work friend, but now I just say she’s my friend-friend.” Co-workers would often comment on how funny our report was, so it was only natural that we decided to team up when we found ourselves with some extra time last summer.

We knew that the best podcasts come from something that the hosts are extremely passionate about. So, it made perfect sense for two girls obsessed with television to do a show about their favorite show, Friday Night Lights.

Now 16 episodes in, “Buddies Garrity” is starting to feel like a well-oiled machine. We are happy to focus on keeping episodes fresh with new segments and fun guests. It has been a labor of love, and feels amazing to have started from scratch and done something that we never thought we could.

Here, we sit down with The Sweat Life, to share some of our favorite inspirational pop culture duos. 


Kristen Lange: “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”  “If you build it, they will come.”

Donielle Muransky: “ET phone home.”  What are we doing?

KL: Well, we’ve been asked to talk about some of our favorite inspirational duos and I thought a motivational quote or two would get us in the right mindset. 

(Donielle’s on the left, Kristen’s on the right!)

(Donielle’s on the left, Kristen’s on the right!)

DM: Because as an inspirational duo ourselves, we’re extra qualified to talk about other inspirational pairs?

KL: Calling us inspirational is like calling ferrets adorable or the microphone stands we use for our podcast “professional.”

DM: So our mics are held together with shoelaces, what’s your point?

KL:  Let’s try and stay on track here. I think they asked us to highlight some motivational duos because Friday Night Lights, the show we’re re-watching on our podcast, Buddies Garrity, is way up there on the inspiration meter, wouldn’t you say?

DM: Oh, totally.  It’s motivation central if you’re starting to feel like there are insurmountable things standing between you and a goal. I mean is there anything Coach and Tami can’t get through together? They’re probably the number one FNL pair, right?

KL: Or Tim and Billy.

DM: Or Tim and his Sherpa-lined denim jacket.

KL: I’m starting to think you don’t know what “inspirational” means.

DM: Hey, I can’t help how that jacket makes me feel!

KL: But we each get to highlight a non-FNL duo, too!

DM: Okay, so who did you pick?

KL: Well, my initial thought was that dad who runs marathons all the time while pushing his son in a wheelchair.  Have you ever seen anything about them?

DM: Hi, have you met me?

KL: Right, of course. I love them.  It’s fun to watch their videos on your phone late at night if your preferred method of falling asleep is “on a pillow gently soaked with tears.”

DM: Whose isn’t?

KL: But I kept thinking.

DM: Is it possible you over-thought this?

KL: Oh, very much so. So, there’s Jordan and Pippen. Lennon and McCartney. Castle and Beckett.

DM: Kristen, you don’t have time to be watching Castle.

KL: That’s one person’s opinion.  My point is, it’s hard to pick just one inspirational pairing, but I finally did it. 

DM: You’re the real inspiration here.

KL: Diane Keaton and that cute baby from the 1987 movie, Baby Boom!

DM:  Timely reference! And not really where I thought this was going.

KL: I know, but hear me out.  So Diane’s character, J.C. Wiatt, is a smart, driven, New York business lady who inherits this baby out of the blue. But then her job fires her and she has to move to this super rundown house in the country where everything keeps breaking all the time.

DM: I feel better already!

KL: Anyway, JC doesn’t let this stuff beat her down. Baby Elizabeth sparks something in her that she didn’t even know was there. She develops a line of gourmet baby food, becomes a huge success, and she finds happiness in this small town! J.C. could have just given up, but that baby was her reason not to.

DM: I love it. Great pick!

KL: Thank you. Okay, your turn.

DM: So you’ve seen the movie Love Actually, right?

KL: Doni. Are you about to tell me you find that naked stand-in couple inspirational? Because—

DM: Will you just hear me out?

KL: Fine.

DM: So Love Actually is a great movie and that is a fact I refuse to debate.  It’s wonderful and everyone has just tried to make fun of it in recent years ‘cause they think it’s cool. Like hating on the musical RentRent is the best!

KL: Rent, the Broadway musical is the best.  Rent, the Hollywood “film” is… Well, let’s just say I have some thoughts.

DM: We all do.  Anyway, the best and most underrated duo in Love Actually is the rock star and his manager.

KL: But isn’t the rock star kind of terrible to his manager all of the time?  How is that inspirational?

DM: Well, that’s the whole point! At the end, the rock star finally realizes that the guy he’s treated like crap for so many years is the only person who’s ever really been there for him. He’s the real love of his life!

KL: And it’s inspirational because—

DM: Because they’re always there for each other.  They want the best for each other, even if they can’t always show it.

KL: I get it and I like it.  Also, thank God you didn’t pick the naked couple.

DM: So, I guess that’s it! We did it!

KL: Maybe we are an inspiration?

DM: Ehh…

KL: Our apologies to the people who thought we were going to talk about A League of Their Own or Rudy or something.

DM: Who’s the duo there?  Rudy and Jon Favreau?

KL: I think it’s Jon Favreau and his fur lined jacket?

DM: See?!  Jackets can be inspirational!

KL: Sure.

The Buddies Garrity podcast can be found at and is also available to download on both iTunes and Stitcher.



Donielle Muransky is a writer living in New York City. She has worked in television since 2010 on shows including "30 Rock", "SNL", "Gossip Girl" and most recently, "The Jim Gaffigan Show". She is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and hosts "Buddies Garrity," a popular weekly podcast where she watches and talks her way through every episode of "Friday Night Lights" with her buddy, Kristen Lange. 


A native New Yorker, writer Kristen Lange was lucky enough to start her TV career on iconic shows like The Sopranos and Late Show with David Letterman before moving on to other projects, including HBO's Bored to Death and Hulu's Difficult People. You can currently find her in the writers' room on HBO's upcoming comedy Divorce. She also co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Buddies Garrity," where she re-watches episodes of Friday Night Lights and discusses each in what some would call "too much detail," with co-host, Donielle Muransky. Kristen's writing has also been featured online, including on the popular satirical women's magazine, "Reductress."  Find Kristen on Twitter at @kristen_lange.


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