Empowered by: Possibility

By Alex Jay, Juice Press


Possibility is the word that empowers me. It reminds me that we have the ability to create the life we want to live. By the power of our intentions and goals anything is a possible. 

I am an avid believer in affirmations to manifest what we want brought into our lives. People underestimate the power of their thoughts. When I feel doubt or discouragement, I re-route the momentum of those thoughts into positive affirmations. 

Anything is possible if you truly believe it and put your head in the game. The best way to achieve what you want is by writing and focusing on goals daily. And as corny as it sounds there is nothing you cannot achieve once you put your focus onto it.


Alex Jay is a Health Coach and Nutrition Expert for Juice Press, and also the Director of Corporate Sales. Alex’s love for a healthy lifestyle started accidentally when she moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast for modeling in her late teens. There, she fell in love with the healthy lifestyle, partaking in activities ranging from yoga and hiking to surfing, and was introduced to new concepts of diet and nutrition. After securing a job at Planet Raw, an organic, raw, vegan restaurant in Santa Monica, Alex became completely immersed in the lifestyle, turning what was simply an interest into a true passion.

Often backstage at shoots, Alex would help fellow models who had questions about eating raw and clean food. Realizing that this was her calling she enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and shortly thereafter started her own health coaching program with her motto "we are what we eat." The program catered primarily to models on a six month program designed to better their overall health and well-being.

After a move to New York City in 2012, Alex visited Juice Press in the East Village as a customer and decided she had to be involved. She loved the edgy marketing, the non “granola” experience, and most importantly, the quality and uniqueness of the formulas Juice Press carries. Alex was immediately hooked after trying Juice Press’s raw oatmeal (and is now addicted) and was impressed by their use of e3live (a potent lake algae from Oregon packed with nutrients) in juice formulas. She knew she wanted to help make Juice Press a National brand.

Alex began working in the West Village store and became increasingly more involved with the Marketing team and assisting in the opening of new stores. She would hold tastings for companies and explain the benefits of juicing and living a healthy lifestyle, which led her naturally to the role: Director of Corporate Sales. In addition, Alex works within stores and helps with training and sales. Juice Press is USDA Certified Organic, and has maintained its strict integrity and transparency since it was only 5 stores strong. Working with the brand as a Health Coach and Nutrition Expert, Alex shares her passion with her Fashion Industry contacts and preaches clean eating with style.


Find Alex at Instagram @_alexjay_ and @glowbyalexjay, and at www.glowbyalexjay.com


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