Empowered by: Giving

By Emily Farley and Gina Cavallo, EKG Project



It is no exaggeration to say I get AMPED UP when “given” the opportunity to give. I didn’t always feel this way. In fact, giving for the most part was a chore done mainly out of obligation and guilt — a one-way transaction. However, in the last couple years, I’ve taken a nose dive into the spiritual world, and discovered that what literally all of the gurus have been saying for thousands of years is true (go figure): the consequence, or better yet the gift, of giving is receiving. When this finally, finally clicked, my entire life changed.

Giving anything out of love — from birthday presents and hand warmers, to time, dog treats, and even donuts — is incredibly awesome. Let’s be real: a while ago, I might have done so because I so selfishly enjoyed others being grateful for and appreciative of me — the worst of the worst.  

But now, though the momentary bliss is a nice bonus, I feel humbled (because I am reminded of the countless times I am lacking), thankful (because it could be me in need in that moment), and infinitely loved (because I have clearly been given enough for more than just myself), knowing that of all the people in the world, I am in possession of this specific opportunity to give love to another living being.  

Once I opened my eyes to the countless acts God and the universe lines up for me all day every day, the sparks grew into a blaze. I get it: giving doesn’t come from me but through me. I get to give, and the more I stop wallowing in my own sh*t and focus on others, the better my life becomes. I can’t believe people have been giving to me out of love, and for most of my life, I didn’t even see it! (THANK YOU!)

Have you listened to Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror lately? MJ recognized the law of giving, and used his platform to spur change in the world. Perhaps I’m just now becoming aware, or maybe more people actually are choosing to give. Either way, it’s obvious that giving out of love is more empowering than anything money can buy.



EKG Project, our NYC-based Paleo pastry company, also co-owned by Gina Cavallo and Natalie Dautenhahn, is 100% stronger because of our focus on giving. Giving back, in fact, is our number one goal — above sales, notoriety, and even a new Range (both oven and Rover!). Once we decided that a portion of all sales would go to help those in need, we were energized to work that much harder. It’s one thing to do something for yourself, but when someone else’s life is on the line, it’s Super Bowl-style go time. Our team grew stronger knowing that our efforts could possibly change, if not save, lives around the world.

Not only does a portion of our sales go to a charitable organization every quarter, but we spend many Saturdays serving at The Father’s Heart Ministries Soup Kitchen & Food Pantry. This is truly what life is all about. In addition to the opportunity to lend a hand to those in need, being surrounded by hundreds of people (even in hairnets and latex gloves) who are there entirely to serve others is electrifying.  

Every single person on the Saturday team is a living, accessible role model to us. They aren’t celebrities and are definitely not doing it for the accolades. They give selflessly, tirelessly, and endlessly from the heart, and the more they give, the more they want to give. These are our most powerful mentors, even above those we consult for business, finance, and even love (#corefour).

We at EKG Project know from watching the Father’s Heart Ministries squad (and all of the rock stars around us!) that letting your light shine, empowers others to do the same. So, Gina, Natalie (okay, mom), and I are on a mission to be as bright as possible. Wanna join us? Bring it, because it’s about to be a #LightStorm.



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A native New Yorker and Division One collegiate athlete, Gina Cavallo has built her career in digital strategy and online buying, and in August of 2015, Gina accepted the Senior Director role of East Coast Sales at Samba TV, a cutting edge Smart TV apps publishing and advertising company. Melding her passions for health, fitness, and sales at Samba TV, Gina has established herself as the “fit sales rep” within the New York advertising community.  Most early mornings Gina is sweat-working with clients in one (sometimes two!) of many local boutique fitness studios, and most evenings she is relationship building over organic wine tastings, healthy cooking classes, and exhilarating experiences, such as rock climbing.  Her real-world antics are documented digitally via #SambaSweats, which is her calling card amongst the ad world and the fitness community. In addition to her booming career, Gina is passionate about health and fitness, often training with some of the world’s best athletes, as well as modeling for several fitness and wellness websites. Combining her knowledge, experience, and passions for health, fitness, sales, and community, Gina is excited to launch EKG Project with Emily and Natalie.  “Being able to make such a positive difference not only in New York, but eventually nationwide, is a dream come true.  When you feel better and look better, everything is better.  I can’t wait to help everyone find the champion within.”

Find Gina at Twitter @GinaLCavallo, and Instagram @ginacavallo.



Born and raised in Mississippi, statistically the most obese state in the US, Emily Farley’s interest in health and fitness began at a very young age. While continuously active in sports, several early surgeries and chronic health issues required a more restrictive diet than the rest of her family and friends. Though this seemed like quite the unfair nuisance at the time, Emily is incredibly grateful for the lifetime of healthy eating. Holding dual degrees in International Business (emphasis: International Marketing) and French, Emily graduated with honors from Mississippi State University in 2006, and immediately moved north to conquer NYC. Following a year stint in Nashville in 2012, she finally returned to start South By North, LLC – a health and fitness venture – with her best friend, Gina Cavallo.  While vigorously studying fitness and nutrition, Emily discovered Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Lifestyle, which she had been unknowingly living for years. Learning all she could, Emily searched for any way to apply this passion to business. Then she and Gina met George Kuan, and the EKG Project was born. Emily is excited to bring her deepest passions of health, fitness, and helping others to the world. “I’ve put my heart and soul into EKG Project. I dream of bringing truly healthy, affordable food to those who have limited to no access, including my family in Mississippi, New Mexico, and Ohio. This lifestyle has changed everything about me for the better, and I cannot wait to share the love with everyone on this beautiful planet!”

Find Emily at Twitter @southernemily, and Instagram @southernemily.


Find EKG Project at Twitter @ekgproject, Instagram @ekgproject, and www.ekgproject.com