5 Foods to Make You Move

By Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN

Our bodies are pretty amazing machines. And, it’s no surprise to anyone reading here that what we put in our bodies directly influences how we look, feel, and perform. Here are 5 of my favorite foods to keep on hand (to mix and match) for fast snacks or mini meals to keep our bods movin’.

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5 Smoothies that are Workout Gold

By Neda Varbanova, Healthy With Nedi

In my opinion, smoothies are the ideal pre-workout fuel and post-workout revitalizers. Smoothies are light, and can be packed with natural performance enhancing goodies like protein, superfoods, and more. Ready to power your next workout with one of these delicious concoctions? Here are some of my favorite workout-fueling smoothies.

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Letting Go of Our Love-Hate Relationship with Healthy Food

Q&A with Chef Seamus Mullen

Seamus Mullen is an award-winning chef, known for his uber-popular, Spanish-influenced NYC restaurants, Tertulia and El Colmado. Most of all, Seamus is a voice for healthy eating, cooking with local, sustainable food simply because it’s nourishing and rewarding, not a chore or a requirement. Read why Seamus thinks we should all let go of our love-hate relationship with healthy food.

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The Alchemist's Kitchen: 5 Ailments to Let Go Of & Their Plant-Based Remedies

Q&A with Chef Tilo Fola | By Diya SenGupta

The Alchemist’s Kitchen in the East Village of NYC is all about using plants for healing and well-being. Their herbalists and chefs, or culinary alchemists, focus on natural, local remedies and formulations for good health and longevity, and also offer courses of all kinds, for the community to learn about the power of plants. We interviewed Chef Tilo Fola to learn more. 

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Mythbusting: Packaged Foods Can Be The Hero, Too!

By Jerri Graham, Founder of Nothin’ But Foods

Prepared foods have a pretty bad rap. That’s mostly because there are some fairly horrible ones on the market. But despite common opinion, they’re not all bad! Through founding my own prepared snacks company, Nothin’ But Foods, I’ve come to understand that all prepared products aren’t created equal.

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