Empowered by: Passion

By Eve Lynn Kessner, SoulCycle


Fitness was not the world I imagined myself winding up in.

I believe that when we follow our hearts, our paths wind, in beautiful, unexpected ways. Expectations limit us. 

Full disclosure, I struggle with the balance between goal-oriented and free-spirited. Too far in any direction will tip the scales over, balance is key.

But rewinding quickly, how did I get where I am today? It was a series of choices that broke the box I was stuck in. Somewhere between personality and upbringing, I wound up trapped in a set of expectations that I set for myself. Success was narrow, specific, mandatory.

And while I found myself making my way through the world, one small success after another — the ones I had been set up for, the ones that were expected of me — happiness was not necessarily at the end of that tunnel. The tunnel was neverending, is the thing…

Then at some point, I’m not entirely sure when it happened, I decided I was sick of it. I decided I didn't need to continue my sprint down that path. I decided I could slow down. I decided that I could choose. I decided that I wasn’t fully sure of what I wanted. I decided it was time to flow.

Flow with the things that felt right, not the things I told myself were right. Flow with what the world was telling me, not what I was telling myself. Flow with an open mind and an open heart.

So I got married. Closed my business. Signed myself up for some art classes.

And somewhere in that process, in the process of letting go of the path I had set for myself, I found an inner voice. I found a yoga practice. I found passion.

As the years went by, and I had my kids, and I was really challenged to make some different decisions than the ones that were dictated to me on how the world works, I felt empowered to live by my rules. To create my own rules. To be driven by the guttural beliefs in my heart. To do what I believe to be right. To listen to that which I feel passionately about.

Because at the end of the day, it is passion that sits at the base of that mountain which is your best life. It is passion that leads your fingers to strap on your climbing shoes. It is passion which gets you to take your first steps up. But it is also passion that forces you to continue past the point which you thought you could. It is passion that compels you to stand your Superman pose on the top of that mountain and breathe in the fresh air of pride. And it is passion that raises your eyes to the next peak on the horizon. It is passion that pushes you over the top and onto the next.

It is passion that fuels your success.

Because there is only so much push. But passion is unlimited.

Tap into it. Trust your gut. 




Eve Lynn Kessner is mom to two little girls, Avital and Bar, ages 6 and 3, a sometimes vegan, a holistic nutritionist, and focused on living a organic, chemical-free, natural life. “Making our home and our diets safe, healthy, and chemical free is no longer a goal, but a necessity. It feels good, clean, and ethical,” she says. Eve studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and counsels clients on food and lifestyle choices, helping them make cleaner, more responsible decisions. Eve is also a SoulCycle instructor, and an all-around dreamer and believer.


Find Eve at Twitter @EveLynnKess, Instagram @EveLynnKess, and www.evelynnkessner.com