Hot Hot Hot: Activewear Swimsuits

By Sarah Huntington

Summer is upon us. That means sweaty summer nights with mojitos and margaritas, fun beach weekends with friends and family, and plenty of time spent in a swimsuit, which we love!

Many of our favorite activewear brands, who keep us looking and feeling good when we are working up a sweat, also have lines of swimwear we can count on — perfect for the pool, lake, or beach — or, just for soaking up some summer sun on the rooftop or poolside.

Some tips for feeling great in your swimsuit?

1) One of the best ways to feel strong is good posture. It not only keeps your shoulders back and your abs in, but also helps strengthen your core and improves your mood. Or better yet, stand up and have fun! 

2) Now with the better weather, make it a goal in the next month to move your body more. Whether this is having a solo dance party, or walking to dinner with girlfriends instead of taking a cab. Get outside and enjoy the weather! 

3) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and stay hydrated! You will feel better both inside and out.

I am all about a great string bikini if you feel comfortable in it, but because I love body surfing, playing football, paddle boarding, and being active, here are some suits that stay on and let you move.


Athleta is a great place to find the perfect suit for your body type. You can mix and match your suits to fit you, your style, and your activity. The print I am loving right now is the Floral Fade. You can choose this print in string bikini, tankini, or more booty covering bottoms.


(from left to right)

Athleta Bandeau Suit

Zip Rash Guard, for Surfing.

And for extra sun protection the Stripe Swim Tight in Dress Blue is my favorite.

Lole Women has the same top-notch quality swimwear as their workout line, always well-fitting and well-wearing even after many washes.

(from left to right)

Kapiti Top DCup (for those of you who are well-endowed)

Koh Top - I love the design of this top. You can adjust the straps for fit, has removable cups, and has a beautiful retro vibe.

Jamaica Tankini - For a one-piece look, the Jamaica Tankini has cinching at the sides and a feminine flair.


Bottoms can be mixed and matched:

(from left to right)

Rio Low Swim Bottom -  For less coverage

Carribean Medium Swim Bottom  - Simple, elegant and good bootay coverage

Matira bottom - Give your inner Marilyn Monroe some time to shine

Swish Suits are perfect for serious summer activity – think stand-up paddleboarding (so fun!) and surfing. Water sports are one of the best ways to get moving in the summer. (Bonus: Follow Swish Suits on Instagram @swishsuits for inspiring pics of bad ass beach babes.)

Women’s Shorty Wetsuit  - As the waters get warmer, this is perfect for surfing and is meant to fit a woman’s body – be sexy and strong in the water





Below are some other activewear swimsuit brands we love:

(from left to right)

Zip Me Up Bustier Bikini Top and Bottom by Duskii

Cynthia Rowley Colorblock Westsuit in neon - perfect for your California Surfer Girl Child

MICHI Epic Body Suit Rash Guard



A vagabond by nature, Sarah Huntington has traveled to Egypt, Argentina, Turkey, Austria, Vietnam, London, and France... to name a few. She loves to travel, hike, and explore the world. She played collegiate basketball and studied Literature, History and Education at Connecticut College, and is currently a high school English teacher and basketball coach. Sarah is also a runner (completed the NYC Marathon), and her newest workout obsession is kickboxing. Sarah currently lives in Wilton, CT with her pitbull Jada, and enjoys spending her "free" time writing, reading, practicing yoga, working on meditating, and investigating all things related to fitness, fashion, and literature.