Fashion Happy: Wear Your Message

By Sarah Huntington 
When is the last time you laughed? Like a belly laugh, your stomach hurts so bad, you can’t stop kind of laugh. I have done plenty of things I enjoyed, spent time with people I loved, but life sometimes gets routine. Always making sure the alarm is set, asking about the weather, doing the same things over time. With so many things happening on a daily basis, my overthinking has certainly gotten the best of me at times. 

While I was often doing things I enjoyed, I felt like a hamster running on a wheel and thus was never really able to live in the moment. Since I have taken the time to slow down, the inner voice that kept telling me I wasn’t good enough, or pretty enough, or sexy enough has started to quiet. And part of this has been learning how to laugh at myself and my experiences — to not take everything quite so seriously. 

Practicing life in every moment has taught me it isn’t about getting the next new thing, or trading one life in for another. It is having a good hard belly laugh at the irony of the statement “I am Awesome” and snuggling in my Kale sweatshirt, or running down the street proudly proclaiming on my running tank “I ain’t no wifey.” 

Hopefully this collection of fun tees allows you to share a smile and a laugh. There are going to be so many situations in life that are not fun, where you say “Aw Shit,” but our moments in life are only so many, so in each moment practice gratitude. Practice the wonder of being a child where everything was cool and exciting. Choose Laughter. 

Embrace your inner foodie, and shout it to the world on a tee-shirt.

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Your inner yogi is downward-dogging to get out to the world — let her out!

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A happy life includes body and mind, so let your mind run free.

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Everyone needs a good laugh, why not give it to ‘em?

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A vagabond by nature, Sarah Huntington has traveled to Egypt, Argentina, Turkey, Austria, Vietnam, London, and France... to name a few. She loves to travel, hike, and explore the world. She played collegiate basketball and studied Literature, History and Education at Connecticut College, and is currently a high school English teacher and basketball coach. Sarah is also a runner (completed the NYC Marathon), and her newest workout obsession is kickboxing. Sarah currently lives in Wilton, CT with her pitbull Jada, and enjoys spending her "free" time writing, reading, practicing yoga, working on meditating, and investigating all things related to fitness, fashion, and literature.