Day in the Sweat Life: Celebrity Trainer Lacey Stone

By Lacey Stone


Lacey Stone teaches in person, at Flywheel, on YouTube, one-on-one with her personal training clients — you name it, she does it. And that’s because fitness is her passion. Lacey has also been asked to give her fitness advice to big name brands all over the nation, like Nike, Google, Fitbit, and more. She is one busy lady. So what’s a Day in the Sweat Life like for Lacey? Read on…



1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? 

I get myself to the kitchen to make a double espresso!

2. What is your go-to workout? 

I have a combination. I love to lift heavy weights combined with plyometrics, and for cardio I’m addicted to cycling at Flywheel. I hurt my knees bad when I played basketball in college. Flywheel is the best low impact endorphin rush on the planet. 

3. What does a typical day of meals and snacks look like for you? 

I wake up in the morning and have a Kind Bar, I’m in a such a rush to get to my clients by 630/730am I don’t have enough time to make anything. I never start my day on an empty stomach. For a snack, I have a bag of mixed nuts in my bag from Trader Joe’s and I often eat a banana after my first class or client for energy. For lunch I’ll have a salad with a handful of protein (I substitute avocado for dressing), or I will get a smoothie from Kreation (my favorite is Chocolate Lovers).  A snack before dinner would be the nuts again, an apple, or a piece of string cheese. For dinner I have a protein (fish, chicken, steak) with a plate full of vegetables. I drink very rarely, 3-4 times/month or less, and I’m all about LOTS of water! To sum it up I eat all the time, but not too much at any time. 

4. What is your favorite indulgence? 

I love Peanut Butter, Ice Cream, and when I drink… Tequila

5. What is your healthy living philosophy? 

Surround yourself with goodness — from your food, to the people in your life, to your workouts. Every day, focus on being the best you can be from the inside out. When you are disciplined with this, you will live in the happy. 

6. Do you meditate? 

Yes, I try to mediate any time I can. For me, mediating is sitting quietly and envisioning goodness and what’s possible if you lived life fearlessly. 

7. What can we find in your gym bag? 

My computer, phone, shades, headphones, a snack or two, a notebook, some lip gloss and eyeliner, a brush, and usually a change of clothes, oh and gum. 

8. What is your favorite active wear brand? 

I mostly wear Carbon38, you have to check it out. It’s very fashionable and functional. 

9. What is the last thing you do before you go to bed? 

I text my girlfriend goodnight if she’s not with me — and I just realized I should start texting my mom too! Or I read a chapter in a book by my bedside. 

10. What or who inspires you? 

People who use their personal struggles to drive them to be the best they can be. They turn their adversity into their super power of success, giving energy, passion, and goodness to the world from their core. I love Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Beyonce, and Michael Jordan to name a few. 




As a bi-coastal fitness professional and celebrity trainer, Lacey Stone’s mission is to inspire individuals to achieve optimal success in all aspects of their lives from the inside out. Lacey has consulted, and held strategy sessions and group seminars for innovative and inspiring companies such as Nike, Google, Fitbit, Whistle Sports, Carbon38, Coca-Cola, Reebok, Dove and Nintendo Wii, and she’s honored to continue to work with brands looking to make positive change in the world.

Lacey’s signature 8 WEEKS TO CHANGE program takes individuals from “I can’t” to “I can,” changing their bodies and lives forever. With a personalized food program, she’s always striving to inspire people to push beyond their self-imposed fitness boundaries, and to create a community where participants are challenged to unleash their inner athletes and be their best selves from the inside out.

As a bonafide fitness lover, Lacey stays agile wearing the multiple hats of trainer, group fitness instructor, television personality, magazine contributor, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She’s enjoyed frequent appearances on national news and networks, demonstrating turbo-charged fitness programs, signature workouts, and offering nutritional advice on shows from The Today Show and Good Morning America to Dr Oz and CNN.


Find Lacey at Twitter @LaceyStoneFit, Instagram @LaceyStoneFitness, and