On the Run: Summer Hairstyles

By Natalie Galati, Glam & Go


Summer can be your hair’s arch nemesis, but it doesn’t have to be. These 5 simple, yet glam hairstyles will take you through your days of lounging at the beach, to hot nights out on the town. 


Pro Tip: Always remember to prep your hair with a UV Sun Protectant. Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray is my go-to for fun in the sun without distressed locks. After your long days and nights, quench your hair’s thirst with Paul Mitchell Recovery Hydrating Shampoo and Paul Mitchell After-Sun Replenishing Masque for smooth and moisturized hair. 


1) Top Knot (with donut) 

This is my go-to summer hair look when it’s just too hot for hot tools. 

-Prep hair with Paul Mitchell (PM) Worked Up Hair Spray

-Gather your hair into a sleek high pony, and spray lightly with PM Texturizing Sea Spray

-Place donut around pony and gently tease hair to create volume

-Find the middle of your pony tail and begin wrapping and smoothing your hair around the donut until completely covered

-Smooth down fly aways with PM Worked Up Hair Spray 

 2) The Twisted Tail

Glam up your side ponytail with just a twist of the wrist.

-Prep hair with PM Texturizing Sea Spray

-Gather hair into a low side pony, leaving a section out to wrap around the base

-Once secured, wrap hair ¼ of the way down your ponytail and secure end with a rubber band

-Pin hair up and in towards the base to fasten the look


3) No Heat Tousled Beach Waves – for day to night

This look includes a fun printed scarf by day, and a no-heat bohemian beach wave by night.


-Before heading to the beach, prep your hair with PM Texturizing Sea Spray and part your hair in 4 sections

-Gather one section at a time and brush hair upwards towards the crown of your head

-Twist and wrap each section around your finger and pin

-Wrap a funky printed scarf securely around your head and enjoy your day at the beach


-Once showered and feeling fresh, untwist each section, flip head over, shake and finish with PM Worked Up

 4) Faux Crown Braid

This Faux Crown Braid is my go-to for fast and flirty festive hair. 

-Start by prepping the hair with PM Texturizing Sea Spray and a spritz of PM Shine Spray (I usually like to combine the two in the palm of my hand and then apply for more control) 

- Part hair into two sections (a center or a side part works, leave out bangs if you like too!)

-Begin by French braiding, or Dutch braiding (an inverted French braid) about 1 inch from your hairline and back towards the nape of your neck. 

-Secure with a rubber band leaving one to two inches of hair on the bottom.

-Repeat on the other side. 

-Once done, pull the rubber band slightly down the hair in order to loosen up your braid.

-Take your left braid and secure it tightly along the right braid with bobby pins.

-Do the same to your left side

-Finish with a light spritz of PM Finishing Spray

 5) Headband Tuck

This simple and sweet headband tuck is perfect for a picnic or a party.

-Start by leaving a few pieces of hair down around the face, teasing the crown area loosely, and spraying with PM Worked Up Hair Spray

-Place your favorite headband on top of your hair

-Gather your hair (starting from your ends) into your hand, tucking them into the headband and fanning out towards your ears, getting tighter as you do so

-Finish with PM Shine Spray, and a quick mist of PM Worked Up



For all these looks & products, with a professional to help, visit a Glam&Go near you in New York City or Miami. Now just enjoy looking as hot as the summer sun!



Natalie Galati is a born and raised New York City hairstylist with expertise in styling and smooth, flawless finishes. She has worked the NYC salon circuit from the Upper East Side to Funky LES. Natalie’s career has led her to her current (and favorite) company Glam&Go, where she is Lead Stylist and NYC Salon Operations Manager. She is constantly continuing her education to bring busy New York City women great hair through the seasons.  

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