#Sweat Your Body: Andia Winslow

Q&A with Andia Winslow

Instructor at Mile High Run Club, Pro Golfer, TV personality


At The Sweat Life, we really believe that there is no best of anything, only what works best for you — which goes to say, there is also no best body. Everyone has their own hang-ups about their body image, areas that they would like to improve and body parts they love to flaunt, and what you see is not always what you get. #Sweat Your Body is an ongoing feature, one that promises to be quite eye-opening. Thank you to the rockstars who are brave enough to #sweat their bodies for the world to see, and tell us what they love — and what they don’t.


Andia Winslow is a badass trainer — she knows her way around a fitness room, and she has the spirit to back it up, motivating her students at Mile High Run Club to run their fastest, farthest, and with the most heart. A former professional golfer, Andia also created The Fit Cycle, a movement to get people moving, no matter how little they’ve got to work with. Here, Andia talks about body image, and why she keeps moving to stay feeling balanced.


How would you describe your body type?

Scientifically? Ectomorph. In my own words? Athlete. Lean, supple, powerful.

Why do you think you have your body?

The Winslow Family genetic line (no, for real) — in addition to directed focus and diverse physical activity for my entire life.

What do you do to maintain a healthy body image?

Movement, laughter, good food, H20, and meditation.

What triggers you to stress the most about your body?

Inactivity. Any stress that I might feel about my physical self is always rooted in a “feeling” rather than a “look.” If I’m inactive — even for a day — I feel that misalignment.

What does your workout routine consist of?

On any given week, it might be: Olympic lifting, sprinting, Pilates, gymnastics, cycling, rock climbing, and hiking. At this point in my life and career, my goal is to have diverse physical interests that I enjoy, and that make me feel centered and strong.

How would you describe your eating habits?

I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of 4, and I try to eat from the Earth as much as possible. I’m a vegetable lover. Oh, and chocolate. Chocolate I love. I don’t believe in restrictive dieting — instead I work to consume more of the good, instead of any below-average options. 

What’s your favorite thing about your body?

My body is extremely responsive. If I want to learn a new modality or change composition in some way, I just have to start, and my body responds in turn.

What would you change?

“I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a baller.” Ha! But really, I come from large stock, and although I stand 5’8”, I’ve always felt small around my family. They say I have “Tall Man Swag” though, so I guess that makes up for my vertical impairment.

When did you feel the best about your body?

Without question, when I’m in motion. When I feel the wind and sun on my skin, and when I’m outdoors in the elements is when I feel the best about my body. In terms of a chapter in my life, I’d say when I lived in Arizona as a professional athlete, playing professional golf. I cross-trained with NFL, MLB, and Track and Field athletes. I worked with the best coaches in the world, and trained alongside the biggest names in the history of sport.  

What outfit do you feel best in?

If it was socially acceptable, I’d probably wear the style the Emperor made famous (in his new clothes) — with a pair of brightly colored Chuck Taylors as a base.  

Are you comfortable naked?

Very much so. (See above!)

Any last words?

Dear Knobby Kneed, Arms-Too-Long-For-Your-Frame, Head-So-Big-It-Belongs-On-An-Adult, Glasses-Prescription-So-Strong-It-Could-Start-A-Forest-Fire, No-Butt-Having Little Girls of the World,

One day you WILL grow into your body. Treat it well. Talk positively to it. Challenge it to try new things. It won’t let you down. The adventure will be worth it!

I promise,



Andia Winslow, Yale alumna and Founder of The Fit Cycle, is a Professional Golfer, Master Certified Fitness Professional / Sports Performance Coach, TV Personality, and contributor for the American Heart Association Go Red For Women campaign. Her innovative fitness and wellness efforts have been recognized globally, with features by CNN, The New York Times, USA Today, SXSW, ESPN and Forbes recognizing her work as the “Smartest, Sexiest Workout Videos Ever." As an elite athlete, Andia trained with Olympic Hall of Fame Track & Field Coach Brooks Johnson, and was invited to join the USA Bobsled and Skeleton Federation in preparation for the Winter Olympics. Heralded as one of the "Top Trainers in New York City," she is committed to her work that encourages youth and adults to maintain healthy and active lifestyles.


Find Andia at Twitter @AndiaWinslow, Instagram @AndiaWinslow, and YouTube. Follow her #MOVEment online at www.AndiaWinslow.com.