Stepping Up Your Post-Gym Hairstyles

By Erika Wasser, Glam & Go


If you’ve ever skipped out on getting a #sweat in to save your hair — you are not alone. So much so, that we created an entire company, Glam&Go, around bringing professional hairstylists into fitness centers & locker rooms, so you never have to compromise on which body — be it your hair, or the shoulders down — that you favor. It’s the ultimate “have it all,” get a sweaty workout in and still leave the gym looking at the top of your game. While I wish we were in every gym, for every woman, we are not… yet! (Working on it!) In the meantime, here are some style-saving tips and tricks that will take you from sweaty to swanky, like the professionals at Glam&Go.


1. A messy high ponytail


After a workout, this is a really fast and easy one. We call it our ‘runway pony’. Prep the hair with some sea salt spray (our favorite is Paul Mitchell available at all Glam&Go locations) to give it some added texture, pull back into a higher than normal ponytail, secure with an elastic (and if you'd like, pull some pieces out in the front) to give a tousled and effortless look! For a more perfect pony, use a boar bristle brush to sweep hair up into the pony, and secure. 







2. The Twisted Bun


Gently brush out your hair with a boar bristled flat brush to remove all tangles. Spray some dry shampoo (we use Paul Mitchell Dry Wash) at your roots to absorb any sweat and oils. Smooth hair back away from your face with the brush, and gather into one hand at the nape of the neck. Twist hair gently until it collapses in on itself, wrapping it around the base to form a loose bun. Secure with bobby pins and go!

3. Loose beachy waves


To achieve this look, make sure you do not use an elastic while you’re working out.  Instead, create two small twisted buns at the top of your head, secure with bobby pins, and while you’re working out – you are also helping to create a great base for beach waves.









If you have a few extra minutes, grab a large barreled curling iron and take large sections of your hair, and curl hair away from your face while holding iron vertically. Spray in some hairspray for a more finished look, or scrunch in some sea salt spray for a beachy 'do!

For the best possible results, find a Glam&Go location nearest you, and stop in for a 15-minute express style, or signature blowout.  



Erika Wasser is the founder of Glam&Go express styling bar, making great hair days easy, convenient, and accessible to busy women, by bringing top stylists to where you need them most – the gym.

Doug Di Canio is Glam&Go’s Creative Director and has been in the blowout business for over a decade, completing over 20,000 blowouts to date.


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