Why The Perfect Swimsuit Starts With The Right Fit

By Jen Resnick, Founder of Wala Swim


Why is swimwear shopping often so difficult for women? We all work hard throughout the year for well-deserved leisure time and vacation, and naturally, we want to feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable in what we’re wearing on the beach or by the pool. Body image is so skewed by everything we see in the media and in our daily lives, continuously making us overly self-conscious and unable to get past our own personal body woes. Regardless of shape or size, women constantly criticize their own bodies and focus on the hopes of coming up with a way to quickly improve something they see and don’t like, or spending more time in the gym. Unlike buying jeans and sweaters, swimwear shopping forces you to face your body in just about its most vulnerable state — and for many of us, that’s a daunting thought. To ease the pain and take the stress out of the process, we need to be confident and secure in ourselves, and the key to finding that comfort is buying the right swimsuit for our body. 

All bodies are different, thankfully, and honesty is the best policy when shopping for swimwear. Regardless of your size, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear a suit.  Support, coverage, and style need to seamlessly work together so you can look and feel your best. The most beautiful suit is the one that fits you perfectly

Wala Swim, a new online store for top-notch swimwear, prioritizes these three components to always put fit first. With a highly curated collection of the world’s best-fitting brands, vetted over many years of first-hand fitting room experience, Wala offers a less daunting and more productive way to shop for suits. Navigating a sea of product on a swimwear site can be as scary as the harsh lighting in a department store, so with a little guidance, a tight mix of tried & true product, and a fit-minded tagging system, women can shop with ease and confidence.

For instance, if you are full-busted on top and need support but don’t want an underwire, Wala Swim offers an Unconstructed but Supportive category offering a variety of hand-picked styles that offer comfort as well as ultimate lift and hold. Other favorite shopping tags include Bust Booster, Not Your Mother’s One Piece, and D/DD+ Friendly. Wala also curates a number of categories curated on the proven history of the suits, including Tried & True and Editor’s Picks.  

You can of course always shop with more traditional filters, such as brand or suit style, and you’re in expert hands selecting only from the finest fitting brands – such as Australia’s Seafolly, and Jets by Jessika Allen and Baku, among other favorites like Karla Colletto, L*Space, Robin Piccone, and Maryan Mehlhorn

Wala Swim caters toward women with all different body types and mindsets, but to make the cut in our intensive style selection process, the suit must have something special about the design, cut, or fabrication, which provides enhanced fit. We look for features such as an underwire for full-bust support, or a bump pad for a little extra oomph. We also look for touches like tummy control or soft side shirring, and add-on features like adjustable straps, removable straps, or other aspects that create flexibility and additional ways to cater to a variety of body types.   

Remember: The most beautiful suit is the one that fits you perfectly


Following are tips in the 3 most important categories, to find the suit that makes YOU feel amazing:



Make sure to get the proper top support to lift and flatter your bust line, and use hardware, back interest, or other details to attract attention toward your best features.  For fuller busted women, a top should lift and support to make you look slimmer and draw the eye up. For smaller busted woman, a great fitting top should enhance and perfect your shape. Get this right and everything will fall into place — literally. 



While desired coverage is a personal choice, you never want to hang out of any part of your swimsuit. The right suit should be perfectly snug on the body, while comfortably keeping it all inside and in place. If a style is not providing the desired coverage, you may need to select a different shape swimsuit, as upsizing will not necessarily solve the problem. Extra fabric anywhere creates bulk, and saggy lycra, which looks as bad as it sounds, without holding your figure. 



Personal preference and comfort has a lot to do with style selection, but always look for a silhouette that accentuates your best assets. A bikini or tankini is a great option if your needs are different on top and bottom, as mix and match swim separates do just that. But one piece suits have come a long way, and many times, they can be sexier than a two piece! The key is finding a style that enhances your natural shape and elongates your figure.  


To find your best self, keep an open mind about style, fit, and color. You can be pleasantly surprised by the fit and feel of something you never thought you'd like. And lastly, never fixate on the number. Swimwear fits differently than a lot of other women's apparel. Most women go up a full size from clothing to swimwear, and sometimes two – so search for something that flatters your body and makes you feel great in your own skin. Take that confidence and hit the beach!



Jen Resnick, founder and owner of Wala Swim, grew up in a family retail business on Long Island, and has been surrounded by the swimwear industry for as long as she can remember. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in psychology and marketing,Jen joined a Madison Avenue advertising agency before launching her first business, “With Love, Jen Warren,” a handmade and personalized baby gift and accessories business. All product was handmade using upholstery fabrics, and Jen sold wholesale to specialty baby stores throughout the country. She also had her own e-commerce site and sold directly to consumers. She eventually decided to officially join the family business and pursue her love for swimwear and her passion for sourcing quality, fit-focused brands from all over the world. Jen understands the challenges all women face, regardless of body type, when shopping for swimwear and continuously searches worldwide for up-and-coming collections to suit her customers. At Wala Swim, Jen’s goal is to never sacrifice the quality of her swimwear and knows that fit is everything. Jen lives in Manhattan on the Upper East Side with her husband, 2-year-old son, Parker, and their dog, Eloise.


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