#Sweat Your Body: Wendy Wolfson

Q&A with Wendy Wolfson

Spinning Instructor at Flywheel Sports, wife, and mama to 2 kids


At The Sweat Life, we really believe that there is no best of anything, only what works best for you — which goes to say, there is also no best body. Everyone has their own hang-ups about their body image, areas that they would like to improve and body parts they love to flaunt, and what you see is not always what you get. #Sweat Your Body is an ongoing feature, one that promises to be quite eye-opening. Thank you to the rockstars who are brave enough to #sweat their bodies for the world to see, and tell us what they love — and what they don’t.


Wendy Wolfson has had a life-long passion for health, fitness, dance, and music. Above anything else, she believes that being active is important to balance and success in the most important parts of her life — family, career, relationships, and happiness. She has taken that dedication and love to the spin bike at Flywheel Sports, and can also be seen getting her #sweat on at studios all over NYC, and being active with her husband and 2 kiddos.

How would you describe your body type? 

Petite and fit.

Why do you think you have your body? 

I would say it’s a 50/50 combination of genetics and lifestyle. I consider myself a true combination of both of my grandmothers, one very tiny with a little bit of curves and the other, also small, but with strong German bones.   

I honestly think lifestyle has the most effect on my body. I’ve seen my body morph and change as I’ve gotten older and have learned that the way I treat myself has a direct effect on how I look. Staying active and eating healthy play an enormous role in this process. 

What do you do to maintain a healthy body image?  

I do what makes ME feel good. I stopped comparing myself to others, and allow myself to feel good and strong in a way that works for me personally. Since there are so many different ways to exercise and eat well, I think it’s important for people to find their own groove. For me, it’s a great workout, a good healthy meal, and quality sleep each and every night.

What triggers you to stress the most about your body? 

My biggest triggers are not being able to find time to move in some way, shape, or form.  I am active by nature, and find that I am generally more calm and clear-thinking after I’ve had a good sweat. This isn’t to say that I don’t take rest days, but we all have periods of time where work, family, obligations… basically life, keep us from being able to workout. It’s those days where I’m just generally “off” and I stress about things I shouldn’t. I try not to let this happen, so I plan my workouts ahead of time. Once I have a set schedule, it’s easier to stick to it and make it happen. 

 What does your workout routine consist of? 

In addition to teaching about eight to ten Flywheel Sports classes a week, I try to carve out time where I take classes and be the student so that I can zone out for 45-60 minutes. A typical workout week is a combination of Flywheel, Brooklyn Body Burn, and The Fhitting Room classes. All of these stellar workouts really allow me to target both strength and cardio for a complete workout. If I can’t make a class, I run, lift weights, or pop in a workout DVD at home. Basically anything to get my sweat on!

How would you describe your eating habits?

I would describe my eating habits as thought-out. The first step is not letting myself get over-hungry where I enter the dreaded "hangry" zone. I plan out my meals and snacks ahead of time, and arm myself with food and water when running from studio to studio. I have learned what works for me and my body (and what I thoroughly enjoy), and I stick to those meals.  

Breakfast is always a big bowl of whole oats soaked in coconut milk with cinnamon and blueberries. Lunch and dinners consist of lean protein (chicken or fish), some type of green, and a complex carb of some sort (sweet potato, quinoa). I’m always armed with Larabars and almonds, and my fridge always has tons of seltzer, hummus, and veggies. 

What’s your favorite thing about your body?  

My arms.  

What would you change? 

I wouldn’t mind longer legs. I think it’d be nice for a pair of capris to actually BE a capri and not full length on me!

When did you feel the best about your body?

After having children. Seeing what your body is capable of is a pretty fantastic thing. I grew two babies! It still amazes me…

What outfit do you feel best in?

I do feel very lucky to have a job where I get to wear leggings and sweatpants (which I love) all day, but I LOVE a sexy dress and a good pair of heels.


Are you comfortable naked? 

Yes - always have been. 

Any last words?

Never give up on yourself. The change we’re all capable of is a powerful tool, don’t let it go to waste. 


Find Wendy at Twitter @gwendyjane, Instagram @spinmama, and Flywheel Sports.