Why Your Face Needs a Workout, Too

By Rachel Lang & Heidi Frederick

The face is a reflection of the body’s state of being & reveals a blueprint for balance. Containing over 40 muscles and acupoints that restore radiance to the overall appearance, a face workout delivers a ripple effect of nurturing, restorative wellness to the whole being.

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The Naked Truth: Nude Yoga Girl 

By Nude Yoga Girl

If you haven’t seen Nude Yoga Girl yet, it’s time. This dreamy Instagram account is filled with beautifully lit, expertly staged, black-and-white images of a young woman in — you guessed it — nude yoga poses. All the intimate parts of her body are angled away from the camera or touched up to be suitable for social media, and what remains are simply breathtaking images.

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Empowered by: Joy

By Katherine Greiner, KGBody

In an attempt to achieve a fit body, we often forget that fitness should physically and mentally leave us feeling GOOD! When I first started my career in the fitness and wellness space, I was inspired by how good I felt mentally and physically after a workout or a healthy, nourishing meal. I was empowered by the love and happiness that filled me when I took the time to make my personal wellness a priority each day. 

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Empowered by: Hope

By Colleen Conlon, Equinox

Hope is seeing the light when you are surrounded by darkness. I had an extreme eating disorder for eight years of my life. For most of that time it was very hard to see the light. About three years ago, I had enough. I asked myself, “What at this very moment do you want?” More importantly I asked, “What can you work towards to overcome the situation?” I first knew I wanted to love my body.

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Empowered by: Love

By Chase Rosen, Bandier & Athleisurely


I am empowered by a lot of things — creativity, strength, truth, compassion, pride, relationships, individuality — but above all else, I am empowered by LOVE. 

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