While we’ve never really been in the business of encouraging people to change their bodies, I am tempted to start a new trend: The Fall Body! I mean, who doesn’t want better abs and more toned arms under our newly broken out sweaters and leather jackets? Obviously we want a slim waist and high and tight butts to squeeze into the even-skinnier-than-last-year skinny jeans. Let’s do this! For fear that you don’t realize I am kidding, let me be clear — I AM KIDDING.

However, in all seriousness, summer is what we look forward to all winter (and freezing spring), but I feel like we are literally ripping the joy out of it by making it all about how we look during this glorious season. So what if you haven’t shed those extra 5 pounds you always stress about? So what if you don’t look like the PROFESSIONAL MODEL in the bikini body articles?! Are you going to just stay inside and hide out for the summer?! It’s just so silly to me. Life is about so much more than this — like being healthy and happy and soaking up every moment and every ray of sunshine. 

Summer is absolutely the best time to just BE ACTIVE, and not worry about the rest. When the sun comes out and the weather turns, you have options galore to get outside and be more active than ever. Take a run, ride your bike to the beach, run around and throw the frisbee in the park, dance your bootie off under the stars. Not to mention, the Farmers Markets are abundant with fresh produce and seasonal foods. And, well, this is the time of year that being active should really be the MOST fun!

Listen, I fully understand we all want to look and feel our best when the winter coats and layers of clothes are shed, but the stress around The Summer Body still just gets under my skin (pun intended). If I read another article, social media post, or studio challenge pushing people to work for their summer bodies — my head might literally pop off. It’s stressful enough trying to plan your glorious summer weekends (especially in New York!), without the added pressure of needing to be the most fit person on Ditch Plains. So, I’m making a public service announcement - EVERYONE NEEDS TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

To put it another way, we are just more valuable than the shapes we show in our short shorts and bikinis. Do you really want the people in your life to want to be around you because you have a flat tummy? Do you choose the people in your life based on such qualities?! No. The answer is no.

I get it. I really do. Being healthy and happy is all about feeling our best, and a lot of that is inevitably tied into wanting to look our best as well, and that’s natural. However, I will once again make this promise to you — if you focus on truly just FEELING good and being happy, you will, in turn, love the way you look. 

This week of content is all about just that: EMBRACING SUMMER. Swerve Fitness instructor Dyan Tsiumis explains why trainers NEED to stop using "summer body" language in their classes; meal delivery service Indie Fresh offers up a clean, nutritious way to take your meals on-the-go wherever you head this summer; Flywheel devotee Laurie Cobb shares how she found happiness again when she put herself and her health first; and we nabbed an interview with the elusive Nude Yoga Girl, who's spreading her body positive message to over 350k viewers every day on Instagram. And speaking of body positive women, we also hear from mom-to-3 Kristin Cavallari, who just came out with her new book, Balancing in Heels.

So go outside, move your body, enjoy your friends, soak up the sun, and get ready for a fucking amazing summer. And if this weather doesn’t turn, you can all join me when I finally move to the sunnier skies of California! (Kidding, but really!)

Until next week,

Aly Teich
Founder, CEO, and Host
The Sweat Life