Be Bold


It feels fitting to be writing on the theme of “being bold” the week one of the boldest human beings of our time passed away — Prince. While it is unquestionable that Prince was a true talent, a beautiful artist, a trailblazing trendsetter, a fashion icon, and a true legend, what was truly at the essence of his audacity? Being bold, to me, means lacking the fear of going against the grain, of standing out, of standing up, of standing alone, of taking leaps of faith, of following your dreams and passions instead of just following the course that has been plotted out for you, of being different, of being vulnerable, and most importantly — of being your authentic self. I truly believe Prince embodied all of these qualities and I also truly believe that each one of us is capable of being equally bold in our own lives.

While I know I was fortunate to have an element of boldness from the start, the bold woman I have become today was largely fostered in my early days by my parents — they always allowed me to be my true self, and always encouraged me to follow my heart, my passions, and my dreams. This foundation has led me to some bold choices in my life, but starting The Sweat Life has been far and away the most bold decision I have ever made. First, there was the bold choice to start a company in the first place (although if you speak to any of my fellow founder friends they can assure you that “bold” and “insane” can be easily interchanged when it comes to describing the decision to start a business). Then there was the bold decision to create a platform with a voice, a formula, and an approach that had never been tried in the health space before. Then there was the bold decision to be the face of this brand, a position I feel honored to hold every single day, but, yeah, bold. Then comes the small acts of being bold that it has taken, day in and day out — through even the most challenging of circumstances — on both mine and my team’s part, to bring The Sweat Life to life. And lastly, the boldness it takes every single day to put our work and ourselves out there for the masses to see, and well, judge.

While The Sweat Life has been an incredibly bold endeavor indeed, I don’t feel completely bold with it every day. In fact, there are many days where I fear if we are doing the right thing, if I am really cut out to see this through, if people will keep coming back to read and watch, if they will like what they read and watch. I even have days where I genuinely feel (or perhaps “realize” is the better word) that I have absolutely no fucking idea what I am fucking doing. Yes, I have fears on a daily basis, because you know what, it’s really scary being out on this limb in the tree I have so boldly built — knowing that I could fall to the ground at any moment.

I believe these fears are ones that are not only natural, but fears that we all share when we decide to be bold. However, too often it is the case that we allow these fears to overtake us and suppress that innate audacity that is inside of each one of us. We let the conditions that have been set in the world around us limit us to what is expected. And in this way, we are simply limiting our own potential. Moreover, we have been conditioned to so often judge other people when they themselves decide to be bold and different. Where does this come from? This fear we have of being different, or more so, of people who are different from us. Perhaps that is yet another bold move we all must make to change this world (and ourselves), to not fear what is different from what we know and be more accepting of all people.

You see, bold choices not only give us the potential to lift ourselves up, but to lift others up as well. And these choices don’t have to be as drastic as leaving your job to start a company. In fact, there are little bold choices that are available for each of us to make daily — and you will start to notice them if you just tune into it. Even the choice of showing up to a new fitness class, or trying a new food, or speaking to that one person in the office you have never spoken to before, or actually sticking to meditation for more than three days — these are all bold choices. If you start to tune into this side of yourself, and stop fearing what may happen on the other side of a bold choice, you will immediately see your life change.

This week's content is all centered around those who have chosen to BE BOLD: New York Sports Club bold new Bravest Finest Workout is free and open to the public in honor of the first responders that watch over us every day; Juice Generation is boldly starting the Vegan 4 Lunch movement; Aly Raff is choosing to boldly stand up and say that every tragedy around the world deserves the same attention and compassion; and jewelry designer Mignonne Gavigan is pushing the limits of the jewelry genre.

We are making a BOLD move on The Sweat Life this week as well — we are adding a brand new MINDFULNESS vertical to our lineup. And we can't think of a better first story than MNDFL, the new meditation space in the East Village that has brought meditation to the 21st century, in a way that's accessible and modern.

This week I challenge you to make one bold choice in your life — big or small — and share it with us! Share it on social media with the hashtag #SWEATBOLD, or write us an email so we can all be inspired!

Until next week,

Aly Teich
Founder, CEO, and Host
The Sweat Life