EMPOWERED. This is a word that should be used on a daily basis when it comes to our internal conversations with ourselves. Finding your sources of empowerment should quite literally be the number one goal of your life. When you are truly empowered, you are in control of yourself, your life, and (don’t judge me for using this word) your destiny. 

Think about it, if you are armed with the tools to know what empowers you, you have found your source of power — and once you find your source of power, there is no stopping you! Imagine walking through life knowing that you have the power to control your health, your relationships, your career, your happiness, your stress, your fear - it is from this place we should all be living. 

Too often the majority of us (throat clear…I am part of this “us”) walk through life assuming that things are happening to us, and that our lives are actually quite out of our control. And yes, while there are many things we cannot control, we must empower ourselves with the tools to have power over the things we can control. This is a change that needs to happen internally, but also in your external life, you must identify what and who truly empowers you, and spend your time doing those things and with those people. This also means doing some serious (and often tough) editing in your life to cut out things and people that take away from your power. While that can be tough, it is ESSENTIAL. 

Can you tell I feel strongly about this topic? Perhaps it’s because it is a serious work in progress with myself — so bringing you guys along for the journey will only help me be accountable and also not feel so alone in all of this! Additionally, if you have heard me speak or read my pieces here on The Sweat Life, you know that empowering people is pretty much our biggest goal. Empowering you to live your healthiest life, empowering you to love yourself just as you are, empowering you to find balance, and empowering you to know you’re not alone. So you can only imagine how fired up I was when I met fellow empowerment warrior Renata Black at a class at AKT (check out our intensive with them starting Feb 8th!), and learned about her new underwear line called Empowered by You.

Empowered by You is not only made for the active woman (with amazing sweat wicking technology), but its entire mission is to flip the power of undergarments for women — from being a tool for the purposes of seduction, into a tool of self empowerment. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds of each sale goes to support female entrepreneurs around the world. Can you think of anything more me?!

Immediately I knew I wanted to find a way to work with Empowered by You, and somehow showcase the power of the movement, beyond the (very) well designed underwear. The next day, I called Renata, and told her that I had an idea for a campaign. Next week, just in time for Valentine’s Day, you will get to see this most special campaign, and hear stories of empowerment from the incredible people who were a part of it. Until then (!!), read Renata’s post about Empowered by You, and everything the company stands for.

Leading up to this incredible campaign, we have a truly special lineup of content on Empowerment: Leanne Shear from Uplift Studios empowers women to get rid of the fear surrounding weight lifting; Dan Ilani empowers us to find love with his new fitness-inspired Sweatt dating app; celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman empowers us to stop emotional eating; Dr. Jeff Morrison from the holistic Morrison Center empowers us to live in a clean, green home, free of toxins; and physical therapist Dan Giordano empowers us to take back our workout even when injured, with his many modifications. There is no excuse not to be your best self, and find your best life!

Additionally, I am thrilled I will be taking empowerment into my workout, throwing my heart and body into our AKT Intensive, February 8- February 12. The 5-day intensive includes 2 classes a day, including one with AKT founder Anna Kaiser — and 5 days of all your meals created by Sakara Life. The perfect opportunity to try something new and reset.

Until next week,

Aly Teich
Founder, CEO, and Host
The Sweat Life