Choose Your Own Adventure

So often it feels that life is happening to us. Whether it be some larger destiny we have no control over, or challenges, or successes, or even the every day stuff we just accept about our lives and allow to become routine. While there is so very much we can’t control (trust me, I’ve tried), too often we get into a state of complacency with our lives, where we let someone or something else become the pilot and we simply become a passenger in our own day-to-day and year-to-year. It is an active choice we can and should make to be in the driver’s seat of our own lives — determining our own destiny, as opposed to waiting to see what our destiny will be.

This is true for all parts of our lives: relationships, careers, and most certainly our health. Too often I watch people sit back and wait until something “happens” health-wise to finally take control. Even more often, I see people trying and failing at so many attempts to “get healthy” — because they are not actually making any choices of what would really work for them, but rather following the lead of what they are being told through the media or hearsay from their friends. Our health is actually one of the few things we do have so very much control over, and it is up to you to not only take that control, but choose what your healthy lifestyle is going to be.

With so many options for getting healthy these days, there really is no longer an excuse for not making your health a priority, however, I also understand that with so much choice, it can often be overwhelming finding the right path for you. The best advice I can give is to start by doing things that you truly enjoy and that make you FEEL good. It may take some trial and error, but if the choices you are making are yours, you will have a completely different relationship with them than choices someone else has told you to make. This is your body, it’s your life, and it’s your adventure to choose. And it should be an adventure - a great one!

And this is our theme this week - Choose Your Own Adventure - inspired by our featured studio, BFX Studio. They offer three studios under one roof — spin, master classes, and personal training — allowing you start searching for that healthy path that may be right for you, without running yourself or your wallet ragged!

Our content is filled with people who are choosing their own adventure: Kira Stokes is advocating that people can train at any age if they go about it the right way; 20-year makeup expert Tina Hedges left the big cosmetic names to create a DIY beauty box subscription service; fashion designer Cynthia Rowley uses her extracurricular activities in Montauk as ultimate inspiration for her collections; and Gabby Bernstein is changing the world with her Global Meditation with Deepak Chopra.

Sometimes the first step in taking the reins can be hard (okay, almost always), but take control of your own life. Choose your own adventure. You won’t regret it, I promise. 

Until next week,

Aly Teich
Founder, CEO, and Host
The Sweat Life