On the Run

Don’t you sometimes wish there was a PAUSE button for life?! Some magical device that would allow you to freeze time and freeze the world around you, to let you catch your breath and just regroup for a minute… or an hour… or month. Being an entrepreneur in New York City — a place that moves a million miles an hour, filled with people who seem to thrive on pushing harder and faster — leaves me feeling this way at least once a day.

I have also never felt it so strongly as I have over the last few months, in the aftermath of my mother’s death. I would give anything to have the entire world freeze for even just a few moments, so I could figure out which way is up again. I could allow myself to give in to the great void of loss and sadness I feel, stop using all my will and heart to be strong for myself and those around me, and not have to smile for the cameras – even for a day. Then I could gather myself up again and move forward stronger, wiser, more present, refreshed, and rebalanced. If only it was that easy.

Unfortunately, such a button doesn’t exist out in the world. New York City or not, business owner or not, I know this feeling of life moving a million miles an hour is true for so many of us. This constant pressure to do more, be better, be stronger, work harder — all while keeping up the appearance that you are doing it seamlessly. Maybe this isn’t the case for the dude who had the brilliant foresight to move to Costa Rica and open a surf retreat (Dude - please email me), but for the average person living in the modern world, it is so often true.

However, we actually do hold that PAUSE button within ourselves and it is actually available to us at all times — should we make ourselves aware it is there and then actually choose to use it. What’s ironic is, it goes against our “successful human being” instincts to tap into that button. To slow down, take a break for a moment, go for a run, a yoga class, a walk, or just take a few minutes to sit and breathe every day — it can often be seen as a weakness or even inefficient. But it is quite the opposite. Utilizing that pause button is an essential tool to help you be stronger, be better, be healthier, be more present, be more efficient, and ultimately happier.

With that said, inspired by our featured studio, The Run, a state-of-the-art treadmill studio owned by former Olympic runner John Henwood, this week is all about helping you stay healthy on the run — when you can’t press that pause button. Even when life is moving faster than we can manage, staying healthy is not only still possible, but essential to keeping up and being happy.

Our content this week is all about balance in our busy lives: NYC restaurant owner Peter Darrow demonstrates that healthy, clean eating is possible on the run with his cold-pressed juice ON TAP (yes, you heard right); world-renowned DJ and tastemaker Brendan Fallis explains how he balances nightlife with staying fit and healthy; sports medicine author and expert Dr. Jordan Metzl answers the age old question, “Is running good for your body or not?”; and the founders from PrismSport give insight on why their athletic wear will last through your workout and beyond, into the rest of your day.

Be sure to check out our brand NEW column, Day In The Sweat Life, where we ask a mover or shaker in the wellness and fitness worlds to give us some insight on their daily life. Jordan Younger from The Balanced Blonde is up this week — find out how she is constantly keeping her focus on staying balanced.

We are all busy, but be sure to make “busy” work for you — find a balance, use tips and tricks that make “busy” manageable and hopefully even rewarding. And remember, hitting PAUSE is ALWAYS an option.

Until next week,

Aly Teich
Founder, CEO, and Host
The Sweat Life