Go Big or Go Home

Go big or go home. This is most certainly a theme that is close to my heart. It has likely been my life motto before I could actually say the phrase itself. Perhaps I was just born that way — literally, I was a 10-pound baby — but it seems to be how I have always lived my life. I am someone who doesn’t see the point in doing something, unless I am prepared to 150% throw my entire heart and soul into it. This quality has caused many in my life to appreciate my passion, refer to me as “intense,” or, at times, just flat out think I’m crazy! However, I believe this is the mentality one needs in order to truly succeed at anything: the willingness to go for it, paired with the removal of the fear of failing. 

This is exactly the mentality I have had to maintain at The Sweat Life. Starting my own business is an opportunity I am grateful for every single day, but it is most certainly not for the faint of heart. You have to be willing to put every ounce of everything you are and you have into it. Every. Single. Day. Not only from a time and commitment standpoint, but I, quite literally, have injected all of myself, for all of you to see daily, into this brand. While it is beyond exciting to be the face and spokeswoman for a message that means everything to me, it is also incredibly scary to put so much of myself (and so much in general) on the line. Yet, there is little room for fear in the game of startups and the game of life. I have fully accepted that failure is a large possibility at the end of the road — however long it may be — but I must constantly find ways to use that fear as a driving force toward success. I would rather fail doing something I believe in with all my heart, than have easy success with something I care little about. For me, that is not success at all. 

So, that is what this week is all about. It’s a fitting theme as it's the week of the TCS New York City Marathon, both a race and a city that embody this very message. I also could not think of a better workout than Barry’s Bootcamp to highlight the idea of “Go Big or Go Home.” Not only does the workout itself encourage people of all fitness levels to push themselves to their personal limits, but the company has grown from one studio in West Hollywood in 1998, to now open the doors of its 16th studio this year, in NYC’s Noho neighborhood.

This is also a theme that applies to every one of you. We all have the capacity to give our all to everything we do in life. Does this mean you should be killing yourself over every task and moment throughout your day? No! However, it does mean that if you are going to commit yourself to something — a job, a career, a relationship, a health routine, a child, or 26.2 miles — be ready to fully commit to seeing it through, as well as accept the failure it may present. Otherwise, what’s the point? Be realistic with the goals you set, so you ARE able to fully meet them - even if it’s something as small as getting to the gym 2 times more a week, or cutting sugar from your diet (no small task!). So before you set out to do something, ask yourself the following:

1.    Am I able and willing to fully commit to this goal?
2.    Am I able and willing to let go of the fear of failure?
3.    Will this add value to myself, and my life?

As you head into the week ahead, take the lead from this week’s content: Barry Jay from Barry’s Bootcamp tells us how he never missed teaching a class (27 classes a week, for 2 years!) before he decided to create his own workout method; cancer survivor John Teller* explains why he took his cancer treatment into his own hands; and dietitian Samantha Lynch talks about the new, healthier carb-loading to prepare your body before a marathon.

To all TCS New York City Marathon runners, we are rooting for you this weekend!

Share your marathon photos, tag us @sweatlife_nyc, and use the hashtag #GoBigorGoHome for a chance to be featured on The Sweat Life and win a special prize. (Keep your eye on social media!)

Until next week,

Aly Teich
Founder, CEO, and Host
The Sweat Life